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Important Numbers - Tax Brackets, Retirement/Qualified Account contribution limits, etc.

Important Dates - Tax filing dates, contribution dates, Medicare filing dates, etc.

Important Milestones - Important milestones by age

Should I contribute to my Roth IRA vs my Traditional IRA? - This flowchart provides high level overview about items to consider between contributing to Roth or Traditional IRAs. It should be used in conjunction with a conversation with your Financial Advisor to evaluate the steps like "Will you need retirement income from your IRAs".

This can be a hard question to answer since it involves predicting future tax rates and income needs but overall, having more than one type of income source in retirement is generally a good thing. This is especially true if most of your assets are in pre-tax accounts and you want/need to take a large withdrawal. 

What issues should I consider when paying off my student loans? - This checklist looks at various aspects of what to consider when paying down or off your student loans. However, taking a step back first and evaluating all your debt with your Financial Advisor is key.